Frames clone themselves...? (help a nmewbie) in experimental version build 2024-03-13

when i made a stickman walking, for example, frames wont substitute the other, the other frame will only appear without the other one desappearing, do i need to change setting or report this bug and hope for it to fix, this may be linked to an onion skin issue, i think.

Is your onion skin’s opacity at 100%? Could you send some screenshots?

Edit: ive realized somehting weird, its not an bug, its an weird standard configuration, when i do an frame what will happen its that the frame conna be Copied and pasted as the next one, which would be useful for certain situacion like doing an chacter sliding or falling, or standing, but its kinda anoying to need to erase the drawing per frame, as mentioned in the title im a “nmewbie”

By default, Pencil2D will not copy frames automatically. However, the default behaviour can be changed in Edit → Preferences → Timeline → When drawing on an empty frame.

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