Frames blanked out

Hello, this morning I woke up to finish my animation. Very complicated and quite long. Most of my frames got literally wiped out! They are blank. I tried everything but I can’t get the image on the frames back. I’m using the 0.6.04 version on Mac OS 10.14.6. It happened to me before, but it wasn’t the whole animation length. Anyway can help me to retrieve the lost images?? I’m crying8




@Angele Hi, sorry to hear about your issue. First of all don’t save over the blanked out file or draw over it or the auto-save might kick in. A new version of Pencil2D was released almost 6 months ago which improved the software to help ease the blow when these problems, but even if you download it now it will not recover your work; only future works will have a bit better protection against removal.

Right now I’m sure you are frustrated, but we can only help recover whatever was stored in the file at the moment of the saving procedure. On your end however you should be able to follow a procedure to find the temporary files folder to find the raw files. Hopefully the faster you do this the better in order to see if there is a remnant of your work at least.

First download Pencil2D version 0.6.5 and please follow this guide Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

We usually do the “Save file verification” step by using the existing file, but you can also try it yourself as well to test the solution faster. Check above all if you had time machine enabled as outlined in the guides on the OS FILE BACKUP & RECOVERY SETTINGS section. Maybe you can recover your file that way.

If that didn’t work, you will need then to read the recovery considerations and try the recovery procedure for macOSX - Option A. However replace point 1 to 3 by using 0.6.5 to open the temp folder by going to the app menu HELP > OPEN TEMPORARY FOLDER the resume to points 4 and 5, hoping there would be any drawings that you can recover.

If you can’t find any, your last chance is to try using a dedicated file recovery software available for macOS. However you should ask for assistance to your system owner or technician if you’re unsure about these kind of software. I can’t recommend any as I don’t use mac, sorry.

Pencil2D is free software, but it’s also released without warranty because it’s maintained solely by volunteers, as such we usually recommend saving more than a single file per project, because even in commercial software that costs thousands of dollars like Harmony or Animate CC, you can get your files corrupted and lose months of work (I’ve been there too). It’s an unfortunate problem with modern day technology that we can only hope to fix eventually for Pencil2D.

Since It is always disheartening to see people lose work, and we’ve all been through there, I’m sure you don’t want to use the software anymore after this, so i’ll also leave a list of alternative applications you can try until you find one you are more comfortable with to continue creating

I pray you will be able to recover some of your work with any of the methods found in the guide. Good luck.

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