Four small ideas___ :)


my ideas:

  • preferences settings: stack of layers is from top to bottom or vice versa (new layer automatically jumps to the top of the stack)
  • shortcut to new layers
  • moving the layers (as well as "CameraLayer" with HandTool)
  • "Onionlayer" automatically deactivates when the animation is play (dedicated topic)


PS. Thank you for the work done in Pencil2D!

Thank you @brzoza

Some of your ideas were already in my TODO list and I added a few more. I’m not sure the point 2) is convenient. Furthermore, it requires 4 shortcuts: “add bitmap layer”, “vector”, “sound” and “cam” layer. May be a “contextual pop-up” or “quick menu” would be required for this kind of operation.

…any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply Cirus

Some of your ideas were already in my TODO
Splendidly :)
I'm not sure the point 2 ... any suggestions?
Exactly what I would like to be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to "NewBitmapLayer" in "Preferences/Shortcuts".


  1. “Add layer” menu shortcut is working & some related issues were fixed.

  2. Layer ordering is now reversed.

Nightly build may be updated in a few days, stay tuned.


Thank you very much:)
God bless you.