Forum How to – Edit your Pencil2D Forum Posts at any given time

Hey everyone with the last thread i commented (Kaiko’s (My Stuff)) i noticed that after some time and after leaving the thread we don’t have the ability to “visibly” edit our own posts in the forum, so i managed to find a way to do this and i bring you forth a quick video tip for the forums. I want to mention this is not a hack or anything related, it’s just wordpress being cool, and if at all internet wisdom i hope.

Anyway hope you enjoy it so go ahead and edit your badly typoed stuff! :slight_smile:

Edit: I found out now how to edit your first post as well, it doesn’t follow the same rules for replies, but it’s much simpler, you can just go at your thread address (e.g. and type the word edit after the forward slash like this:
Edit#2: @Kaiko mentioned that there's actually an edit button in the lower left portion of the page just below the "submit" button in the new post text section, i had never seen that thing in my life haha! everyone thank Kaiko for pointing this out :)

Also thanks for moving the thread to a relevant forum Gordie!

Nice from you to give this information. thank you.
By the way, I wanted to edit some of my posts and this finding is a good path to do so.

There is still an easier way to edit your first post/topic ever, without typing the word edit.
Here it is: Just login with your user name, go to the page of your topic you would like to edit, and just go all the way down the page and you will see at your left (I think !) the word EDIT already linked to the edition of your page :)… you will know what to do next!
(don’t forget to save it at the end)

@kaiko Hey man! you’re right i had never seen that button before in my entire forum life! :slight_smile: thanks for pointing that out! i’ll update it on the main post as well :slight_smile: