Forum guidelines

  1. We aim to build helpful, friendly community around Pencil2D. Be polite. Please say please and thank you. No coarse language.
  2. Use one topic for each of your questions, so we can keep the forums clean; and use a clear subject for the topic title.
  3. If this is a support question, please check the box "This is a support topic" at the end of the new topic form, and change the topic status to resolved once you found a solution at your problem.
  4. If you need to paste a log or a large text content, please host it on an external service like or
  5. Try to refine your questions, prepare screen captures, try to make step towards resolving it yourself. Give the maximum informations about how the problem occured, including your configuration (OS, Pencil2D version, etc) Don't bump unless no response for more than week. If it's too long, don't forget you can contribute.
  6. Even if expressing critique be can constructive, respect others, respect great work done so far.
  7. Like a lot of other communities, we are fighting again spammers. Please upload an avatar for your profile, which is already a good proof you aren't one !
  8. Be part of the community, be helpful, answer questions, prepare examples, update wiki. Gain respect and people will be inclined to help you.

Thank you !