[FIXED] OPEN a "New Document/Project" is very unstable

Reporting from the last build (03Jul)

This one is intriguing.
I have came to a conclusion that everything, literally, that has something to do with SAVE and SAVE AS options, are unstable, to say the least.

Draw a few lines
Go to FILE --> OPEN (you may use CTRL+O)
WARNING message “This animation… Do you want to save your changes?” pops up.
click YES
A search window will open. Give a name to the “project” you are going to save. Click SAVE.
Another window will open again. Search for the project saved before and click on it to open it.
Draw a few more lines
Now go to FILE --> OPEN. The WARNING message has gone… forever (as it is so unstable the message may still pop up, so repeat the whole process at least three times in a row and the message will be gone this time)

Going through the same process but selecting NO instead of YES, the behaviour will be slightly different. The Warning message will be more alive LOL

With no warning message all the changes on the canvas will be lost for good.

Not sure if I may post those sort of things here (they are spreading like a virus…)
Maybe @Matt would like it to be written directly on ISSUES repository.

Just tell me

Alreay issued https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/issues/47