[FIXED] BUG: SAVE option still crashing

Last Pencil.exe
(Win7, Ultimate SP1)

I didn’t test the “save as” option, but so far it seems a lot more stable, specially if we do NOT use the NEW option under FILE on the Main Menu bar.

The SAVE option is working really fine. It saves apparently without any problem, so far of course. I have tested it using the same procedures as before so I must say that you are on the right path @Matt :slight_smile:

BUT when using the NEW key things changes a lot!

  1. open Pencil
  2. draw some lines
  3. go > File > NEW > New window opens asking if you want to save your changes. click NO (for now)
  4. (an empty canvas ready to draw) draw some lines
  5. go > File > Save… It will freeze/crash.

Sometimes Pencil crash right after saving that file on step 5.