Fix the photon plugin ?

Hey can you fix the photon plugin that i think controls the audio playback as it is no getting loaded as it says in the log hope you can fix it

Hi @fudgymations,

You posted this into the Nightly Build topic. I had to split your message from there, could you please follow the forum guidelines ?

Use one topic for each of your questions, so we can keep the forums clean; and use a clear subject for the topic title.
Thanks !

ok i will follow the rules.

You mean you need pencil sound layer to work? There is a version for windows where the sound works. scroll down to windows and download the davidefa build. If it seems buggy then use pencil2D and bring it to this version when you want to use sound. ie: lip syncing. Its pretty stable though.

oh thanks i will try it

OMG you have saved me loads of time on my animation thank you so much i was taking so much time trying to get the lip sync correct but you a life saver :smiley: