Fix For Win.10 HDTV Not Displaying Correctly

Here is a quick fix for HDTV display problems. This may work for all HDTV’s but I know that it definitely works on a SAMSUNG HDTV with recommended screen setting of 3840 x 2160. This may also work on other programs. I used this fix to correctly display the paint program that I use (paint shop pro X6) also.

If you’ve installed Penci2D and are using Windows 10 and an HDTV, Your screen display may look like the picture above.

To fix this, find your Pencil2D shortcut which is usually on the desktop but can be on the taskbar or in your start up.

Once you locate your Pencil2D shortcut, right-click on the Pencil2D shortcut, click on properties.

The properties menu will open. Left-click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab on the top.

The Compatibility menu will come up. Do the following:

Under the ‘Compatibility Mode’-‘Run this compatibility mode for:’ - CHECK THE BOX

Verify ‘Windows 8’ is selected. If not, left click the flyout and select Windows 8

Under Settings: ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’ - CHECK THE BOX

Under Settings: ‘Scaling performed by’ change ‘Application’ to ‘System’ by left-clicking the flyout and choosing ‘System’. Click Apply then OK.

Run Pencil2D (from the shortcut icon you just modified). Your display should look like this.

Hope this helps,

@jeetman thanks a lot for letting us know! If you’re ok with it, do you mind If I put this on the software FAQ? I think I’ll also Sticky this thread, so people with similar issues can find it quicker.

@chchwy. It seems the original issue is related to a compatibility problem. Can it be related to the QT framework support? What do you think we should do to address this issue in the long run?

Thanks @jeetman this is very helpful.

@morr Yeah, the issue might be part of Qt supports and part of our implementation.

As I observed from the screenshot:

  1. Toolbox, atm we hard-coded the icon size. maybe that’s why they are so small.
  2. Timeline is a fully customized widget, it is not a standard Qt widget so it may not get Hi-DPI support from Qt SDK. We have to take care about it by ourselves.

I’ll put this issue into 6.x to-do list and see what we can do.

Absolutely. You can use the tutorial anyway you want. I made it to help others. It actually really helped me because this fix can be used to fix the “small icon” issue in other programs as well.

I’m glad I could help. I so respect what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. I love the program!!! I’m glad that I can introduce my 12 year old daughter to a good 2D animation program. I tried to show her 3D animation but she’s got her heart set on 2D. If she’s serious, I’ll post some of her animations to the site and although I’m a 3D animator at heart, I think to show her the power of this program, I’ll make a short animation too. Thank you for sharing this awesome program!!!


@jeetman Hopefully from here on, Pencil2D will begin to take shape and become a piece of software that people can rely on.

Once we release the new version we will also publish a showcase reel of what is currently possible with the program. In the end Pencil2D is a tool, and we really want to make it the best tool for people to use, even if it’s just a step in other processes.

What most people don’t seem to understand though, is the amount of hard work that goes into shaping these kind of apps, so with all honesty we thank you for your kind words and in due time we hope to improve the software beyond expectations.

Take care and have a great time animating with your daughter!