First try - man jump

Hi Everybody, My name is Vince aka Vinsymbol Just a newbie in animation, i tried Pencil2d just yesterday. After a test on linux with the 0.6.2 version i was disappointed until i decide to upgrade to the last one… And then, oh joy, all the stuffs were working just fine. My first try was a rough scene of a man jumping on a rock… not really original but i think it work quite well. Feel free to share your comments


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Nice one! I do like a bit of hand drawn frame work :+1:

Maybe one or two extra frames of the jump anticipation… it’ll give the jump itself a bit more omph once he lifts off! You could even put a frame in between the jump and the landing that has the knees brought up higher as though they are swinging through… may have to make the jump higher though.

I’d give the last frame a bit more time to read as well.

Keep going!


It is quite nice as keys and breakdowns. Well done!

thanks all i’ll do that to improve the animation


i’ll will modify it later with all your comments

In time i’ve done a man srprise by a sound facesurprisedv2

it’s the second version with 24 fps more dynamic

I would probably make him look to the right before turning his head, slow down a bit in the down pose, so we can see his blink, and make his expression start to change before he stops but this last one is trick. I also recommend that you try to focus on the animation before drawing. I am not a pro, but I always see professionals, like Disney level, recommending brake things in to pieces; so, first I would move his head, like a simple ball-jumping exercise, and make his shoulder overlaping and tiltin to add contrast to the moviment. You can get an idea here of how i brake my process in animation A combo atack! A experimentaton I basicle used straigh ahead thoug In addition, you can find something useful here Pencil2D Drawing & Animation Learning Resource List