first pencilly thing

mootloop, 2012

I haven’t done a lot with Pencil so far…one reason being i’m a hobbyist animator more than anything else these days, but i’m hoping future improvements will encourage me and others to do more with it.

This thing was the first Pencil project i did, apart from the typical stickfigure/ball tests that i never saved. Apart from this i don’t really have much worth showing, although i have a couple of ideas in my head for more involved productions, and hoping i won’t put them off too long.


EDIT: I forgot there were a couple others online =oP

harlem shake, bear strut

Welcome @mikshaw!

I really like the walk cycle. That was nice, it seems so subtle, like a Princess and walking down the runway. ! :slight_smile:

Keep showing your pencil´s things. Here we are so hungry of animations

Very impressive animation clips!

Wait you did that smiling face? Hobbyist animator my balls, that thing is superb! and the other toons are quite decent for being just “doodles” keep at it bro! you’re doing great so far.

Now it seems i need to polish my skills more than i had foreseen haha, oh well that’s life i suppose :slight_smile:

The first one looks similar to Bill Plympton’s work. Hope to see more!

thanks for the feedback =o)

@morr The key phrase was “these days”…i did have a professional gig for a little while doing simple animations in Flash, way back when it was still a Macromedia product. After switching to Linux i left animation behind except for occasional attempts with Blender and Gimp. Now really hoping Pencil will take off…I love its simplicity (and the fact that it’s got bitmap tools). Just hoping some of the weirdness and lack of a few basics gets taken care of.

I really like these @mikshaw!

mootloop is just supurb and the bear walk is great with the little bounce in his step and everything. Keep animating!

That’s nice @mikshaw ! The walking is…what Kaiko said :wink:

Really nice animations, in particular the bear strut. It shows the bears personality off in a subtle way, very good.


Keep at it!