First animation using Pencil2D

I found this forum just now and thought I would share my first animation in Pencil2D here. Would love to know some tips on how I can make this look like water flowing upwards.

Water character animation


Not bad! Looks like it could be a GIF profile picture or something.


Nice animation.

My first suggestion would not to synchronize each “clump” of hair. Have each act independently or just stagger how they release droplets. And you also might need to make the flow more continuous instead of pumping. Sorry for my rough work but something like this:


You might also want to include animating the entire head. Just like I did here.

You might also actually want each droplets to wobble instead of remaining a sphere/circle throughout. Its really easy. Just shift it from horizontal to vertical ellipse/oval with a circle in between, like this:



Thank you~ I’m planning to use it as like an overlay(?) or watermark in my other animations I’m working on.

Woah thank you for giving examples~ I will try and recreate this later. Also, your animations look so good

I don’t think I did this right and it kinda looks like fire without color. Thank you for the help!

Water and fire are fluids so they do have similar behavior, especially when color is absent. Various computer simulations for both uses the same simulation techniques but with different parameters.

If you really want to see liquids acting similar to yours, then here:

Lava lamps are practically what you are looking for. The perfect reference.

You could also have adjusted it to match your style. Mine for example have bigger droplets (because they are easier to draw).

And I do say the animation is really rough, I don’t mean the drawing are rough. I meant the animation/movement is rough.

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