[Finished] Thousand punches log

(Morgan Reed) #1

A short “thousand punch” animation I’m working on as practice. next step is the more detailed line art.!ultimate

(Morgan Reed) #2

Version 2, with a few more details. The next step is to add the final detail and color with Adobe Animate and its ‘Symbols’


(Morgan Reed) #3

The final version is done. I forgot to add a mouth, but I’m pretty happy with where it is now. Just for fun, I’m working on a version with lighting, but I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to lighting, so don’t expect much.

I’m also working on an actual animated short, although I’m not sure when I can get to actually _animate_the thing as I need to record audio, storyboard and then animate and hopefully, I can release something of more substance at some time not too far in the future


(Phoenix) #4

Oh my goodness AN AWESOME MINI ANIMATION these days people are getting really good at animating. which is good :heart_eyes::grin::sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiley::relieved:
Yes keep up the good work and you soon will be the best animator out there looks really good like its done in flash or animate =) Keep up the good work

(Phoenix) #5

Oh I only watched the animation it is done in Animate or flash LOL STILL IT IS AN AWESOME ANIMATION LOL :grinning: Keep up the good work =) yay

(Morgan Reed) #6

Thanks! I Appreciate the feedback!

(Phoenix) #7

No problem also what drawing tablet did you use. I am after a drawing pad. what was it please link me to were you bought the drawing pad.

(Morgan Reed) #8

Hey, sorry for the late response; I normally borrow my school’s Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. I think you could find it for a good price online

Here’s a link I found on amazon: Click Here

Hope this helps!

(Phoenix) #9

Thank you @velocireed =) :grinning:

(Morgan Reed) #10

No Problem! @Super_pickle 1:

(Adrian ) #11

I love this so much and I keep thinking that that character there is either len kagamine or allmight


You do paid work? I need something similar to this for a website client.