Finally done animating the turning *sweat emoji*

So if you’ve been paying attention, I’m working on an animated series called “FATE OF THE REPROBATE: REVELATION” and it is based on well… Revelation. You can find story details littered across several of my posts if you head over to my profile or something, I dunno how the site works wit that. But anyway due to to school & a malfunction with my animation tablet, this took way longer than it needed to. I still need to add the background, color it, and animate him speaking- but this is the basic animation that leads to his position to speak.


When I have more time I’m gonna be going off on this project, I want it to be the best it can be given my resources and budget. I don’t want it to be another Left Behind bootleg either, I want it to be something fresh. Hopefully I get to make some more concept art soon.

'Till the next one. :sweat_smile: