Final video is wonky 'n glitched

so, everything is fine. (other than the fact it asks me to save or not to save every 2 seconds but uh nvm that!)

but, whenever i export the video, and i see it…its COMPLETELY WONKY, FREAKED OUT, AND GLITCHED! its super glitched and corrupted and it has happened to every projected ive worked on!
heres a video of what it looks like!

im using a macbook air, btw.

@uyiiko Hi. You can change the frequency of autosaving by going to EDIT > PREFERENCES > FILES > And increase the number of modifications to something above 90. That means it will take 90 modifications of the canvas to prompt you to save.

Regarding your issue… this was hinted a few days ago and has already been fixed. It seems that scaling your output at export time would cause this problem, so please try the latest development build for MAC OS and grab the one from June 6th (today) here:

aa! thank you, i was gonna outright give up for a sec, thanks ^^

@uyiiko no worries but let’s wait until you’ve tried this out again. If it still doesn’t work we’ll escalate this to investigate the issue again, so let me know once you’ve attempted to export the video again.

it was fixed the first time, but then it went back to wonky again unu just when i thought it would be fixed!

@uyiiko would you mind linking the .pclx pencil2d project file so on of the developers can investigate it?

You also mentioned you’re using a macbook air, do you know what version of macos it has?

Also just to make double sure, you got the version that says and it didn’t work again is that correct?