File to my animation won't open

It was saying that my animation doesn’t exist…

@PerfectKitten Hi, this unfortunately happens often times when the saving procedure is interrupted. As such the file will be corrupted and won’t allow you to open. If you’re using an older version of Pencil2D we recommend you switch to the latest version

That won’t fix the file but will help prevent additional problems.

We have a guide to attempt to recover your files, but it is not 100% guaranteed that it will be fully recoverable, nevertheless it is the best way to bring a corrupted file back Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

Additionally if you’d like you can upload the file to a cloud service and post the link here so we can help you recover, but as the guide mentions bear in mind that we can only recover what was saved in the current file originally, the relative positions of the drawings will be lost and since Pencil2D saves from the last frame to the first, it is quite possible that the first drawings are lost, in such case please use previous saved versions of the file to complement the file recovery process.

We also have a system to upload files in order for the devs to take a look at it, but since i’m currently active on the forum and I don’t have access to that platform directly, I still would have to ask for a link to the uploaded file to a cloud service for me to help recover it.

In case you have to reposition your drawings again I’m going to make a video tutorial using Krita ( to help adjust frames quickly in these cases and I’ll gladly share that with you to help you further recover the file.