fedora don't compile...

Hy all I had to change distribution on my new laptop because Archlinux didn’t work with unetbootin. I chose fedora… works fine but I get errors during compilation.
cannot find -libming
cannot find -libpng

I installed ming and png librarys but it still don’t work.

more details later. I will continue to look for a solution.

You’d need the headers, and not just the libraries. It would be something like libming-dev and libpng-dev

Ok i’ll try that.


lib-ming is flash related and it’s real hard to get working on fedora. I’m going back to Archlinuèx anyway.

Ok so if i wasn’t so lazy i would know how to use DD to boot with Archlinux on a Usb stick…

But good news i finaly found LibMing on Fedora.

I can now compile pencil2D on fedora!!! Didn’t have time to change distro so that’s good news for me!

I’m back in pencil2D and the little time i have will directly go into Pencil2D fun!

See ya soon with more happy compiling issues!