Feature To Mute Sound Layer

I simple idea that I think would come in handy would be that if you have more than 1 sound layer for multiple sounds like 1 for background sounds and one for people talking then it might come in handy to mute a layer to work on another.

If you would like me to explain or give more information on this idea fel free to ask.

Muting sound layers is already possible in version 0.6.6, though it will not immediately affect sound clips that are already playing. If you mute the layer of a sound clip that is currently playing, that sound clip will only get muted once you stop playback, then start again.

Please note that the movie exporter in 0.6.6 ignores sound layer visibility. This was fixed a few weeks ago but we have yet to release a new version containing the fix. If you need this fix now, you can try our nightly builds, but please keep in mind that they are experimental and could contain other bugs that haven’t been found or fixed yet.


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