Feature requests/ ideas?

i love this program so much… but i wish there was a lasso tool/transform tool, and I wish you could change the canvas size, and have a stronger stability on pen/pencil etc tools… AND i wish you could have a transparent background. Ik that’s a lot sorry lol… but if those things were added that would be amazing, i would love it.

(If some of those are already there, pls inform me of where they are, I cannot find 'em.)

@hannah Hey. Thanks for letting us know what kind of things you’re after. Let me say that most of the things you are asking for, DO exist in Pencil2D they’re just not that obvious.

  1. Transparent Background: By default Pencil2D has a transparent Background, however you can choose how that BG is represented. By Default it comes as White, but you can change this in the preferences. Got to Edit > Preferences > General > Background Section > Choose the first Radial Button to visualize the transparency channel with a checker board.

  2. When you mean stronger stability for Pen / Pencil, do you mean the stabilization? and by stronger you mean to have more levels for it?

  3. The canvas size is infinite. What you are actually changing is the camera size. And to change this you have to double click on the camera layer and you’ll get an options dialog that will allow you to change the camera frame size, as well as you video / image export size.

  4. The lasso selection has already requested, but it will take time to be implemented

  5. The “transform” tool already exists. You have to use the selection tool first, then use the “move” or black arrow tool and you can scale, rotate and move the elements inside the selection. To rotate you have to press CTRL + click & drag inside the selection. To scale proportionally you have to press Shift while click& dragging a corner of the selection.

If you meant a “free transform tool” or “mesh warp” like where you move the selection dots and you can deform the image to your will, that is also in the roadmap, but since developers are basically volunteering, it will take time to get there :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps to clear out some of the issues you’re having, and lets hope the other features that are missing will come sooner than later :slight_smile:

ok thanks so much! and by stronger stability, yes, i mean more levels of it, so the lines can be straighter.

For the record, we are keeping track of the lasso tool here and mesh warp has been requested here, in case you’d like to stay updated on these.

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