[feature request] what about DJVU file extension ?

Hi guys,

these days I see a lot of ideas, tips and suggestions for the future version of Pencil2d.
A real “digital brainstorming” has begun here and it will go on further, I guess.

Do you know the extension file DJVU (dèjà vu) ?
It has got some main features, very interesting for digital animation.
DJVU graphic files are very very light and also of high quality (better than JPEG ones). And all the matter is open source.
They are used for digital libraries, made of single image files gathered in a huge number (just like a digital library used for animating a single character could be, for example).
I think it could be strategic to include some Import/Export/Convert To DJVU functions (as plug-in or even in the main program itself).

I am going to keep on watching and reading your posts in these holidays. Anyway, I will start to test what I can do with the app at the current state.
By the way, last but not least …

A Very Merry Xmas to you, wherever you are !!!
Feliz Navidad