[Feature Request] Symbol-like group

I would like to make a suggestion to add to your application pencil2d.

If I draw a stick figure on pencil2d and then make a new keyframe and draw the stick figure again, it is very possible that the stick figures size will change.

i would like to be able to turn the stick figure into a symbol so then it gets saved to a libary and let let me drag and drop the stick figure on a new frame

@jamieDbighill Hi, first of all thank you for taking the time to suggest your idea. I moved your comment to a new topic under the ideas category.

Certainly there is a roadmap that contemplates the implementation of a flash-like symbol feature, however due to the way Pencil2D is structured this might take quite some time to develop.

At the moment we have a way to import layers directly from existing Pencil2D project files, and while it’s not the same it can help if you work loop cycles or specific animated actions on multiple Pencil2D files.

That said if you really need symbols right now… you might want to try other software like Opentoonz. They have a feature called the “sub-xhseet” which basically amounts to that, also since they can use bones you could make a stick figure and add an skeleton to always have the same size like what you could do in styckz.

Granted it is a more robust and complex software but it could complement your workflow for future work.

That said there is an intent to have a similar concept implemented, but unfortunately right now it’s not a priority (but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen :slightly_smiling_face: )

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