[FEATURE REQUEST] Resize all frames?

While finally completing and exporting my latest animation, I was rather disapointed to see that it was much too small, but when I used the zoom tool,(Which, I did not realize I was using at the time.) it looked fine. Which leads to my question, how can I resize every frame.

Hello Jye,

Which version of Pencil are you using?

If you can wait for next week, we may have a new nightly build with the ability to export scaled images. I am not 100% sure that the result will be good and that the feature works well because I have not tested it yet.

However, this is a feature I will try to fix for the next nightly build.



Hello. Maybe you could start with going to the camera layer. Double click the label “Camera Layer” and you will be able to set the resolution there.

Another option is to take help from GIMP if you’re familiar with it. There’s a plugin called BIMP (google that) which can do batch processing of images. So if you export all frames in Pencil2D you can have GIMP/BIMP do the modifications for each frame as a batch job. Not that I tried do that specific task myself but I can imagine it wouldn’t be too hard.

Thank you both very much,

I hope there will be a new build with those capabilities, but, luckily,

I used some other programs and I was able to make the render larger in the final thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY7i2y6Pan8

Great Jye, glad you got it sorted and nice work. Keep an eye on Pencil2D much going on right now. The recent nightly build have a resize feature now :slight_smile: