[feature request] free transform tool

When i’m drawing a rough animation, I like to work very quickly, reajust elements of my drawings, etc; to check if the animation is working as it should.

It would be awesome that Pencil had a good transform tool to work on part of drawings (selections) with bitmap layers. It would allow to scale, rotate, skew, …

free transform tool

it should be able to keep ratio (shift click) and have it’s anchor point moved dynamically…

Maybe the code for this tool could be found in another open-source software ?


Tottaly Agree.

That is what I miss at most.



I think this is what’s missing the most in the application so far.

It’s not an easy task and yes, it’s a must.

For the time being, you can rotate the selector content with [CTRL]+drag
It’s useful and precise enough but not finished yet.


I can’t manage to rotate the selector content with [CTRL]+drag. It just re-opens a new selector every time I press [CTRL] and drag. I’m using a mac and the 0.5.4 version (26 July 2013).
Should I normally be able to use that function?