[FEATURE REQUEST] Change Pressure Sensitivity Inside Pencil2D

Is there anyway I can turn down the sensitivity of the software? I’ve looked in the settings and I can’t seem to find it. Sorry, i’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:

@jaygriff19 Yo!, welcome to the Pencil2D forums. To answer your question, No, at this moment in time Pencil does not have pressure sensitivity adjustment specific to the program.

Now if you’re using a Wacom tablet (bamboo, intuos or else) You can adjust your sensitivity through the Wacom Driver software (open the Wacom Tablet Properties) and make it specific to any app you want, in this case Pencil2D.

Right now our devs are fixing most critical bugs to get a new (stable) release on it’s way, so I think this could be considered more like a feature request right now :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hello @jaygriff19, thanks for your feedback!

One tip to get soft lines is to set the alpha value to something quite low. This is very useful when you do your sketches or when you paint with the brush. No matter how hard you press on your tablet, you will get a soft stroke.

I hope this helps.

Pressure settings may come in a future release. You should add it as a feature request.

As Jose said, we are still working on making Pencil stable with its current features.