Falling stones 6fps hand drawn

Made a new animation with pencil 2D 0.6.6

It is without sound and still very rough and short.

Enjoy! FraFra

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Falling stuff (a ball) is also my first animation! Animating things falling seems to be the rite of passage for anyone doing animation.

Crits. Your stones falls linearly. Falling things speeds up as they fall.

The physics and math for this can be a bit complicated but there is a simple pattern. The distance of the object takes at it falls follows the sum of odd numbers. So we start with 0, at first, then 1 (0+1) in the next frame, then 4 (0+1+3) in the next frame, and so on:

The Grid feature (Shortcut: G) would help you with this.

Of course take account how high the object is.

If the objects only fall from a small height a few frames would do: falling

(I added motion blur/smear)

You only need large number of frames when an object falls from very large heights (a few meters and more). falling_high

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Thank you for your reply. I did not take into account how high, i just thought drop it.

I will use the tablet for the writing next time. With the mouse, it looks pretty childish.


I like it. It is simple yet has a sort of charm to it. Very nice, FraFra!

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Thank you! I remade the titles with Inkscape and rendered it again as a gif. Looks much better now. Pencil2D is really a powerful tool. Stones1


EDIT: The output is 500 x 250px ! The aspect ratio is not respected by me, so now it streches a bit to the sides. Looks more cinematic, if you ask me. :clapper: :smile:


wow you disliked my film and this is what youre doing?? lol