Exporting video with late and unscyned audio

Me again! So, I made this animation with sound in it, right? I went to export it into a movie but when I looked at it in movie form the sound was out of sync to how I originally put them. The sounds start before they’re supposed to and don’t sync up at all. They’re synced just fine in the software but not when I export it. I tried re-exporting it, re-opening the software and anything I could think of. I’m pretty sure I’m using the current version of Pencil2d, yeah? (Unless y’all made another version within the past 4 days?) Please, I need you guys’ help once more!


@MonkeyBomb Hey. Well it seems there was an issue with volume but we haven’t hear of issues with syncing. Would you mind sharing your pencil2d project file so the developers can inspect it?

I know there’s been issues with sound syncing before but those were mostly fixed (or at least we haven’t had complaints until now)

If the problem keeps up while the devs take a look at your file I sincerely suggest using a video editor to sync up the sound. There are free alternatives that are easy to use like http://openshot.org, http://shotcut.org or https://kdenlive.org/en/

Just load the current video you exported into one of those and move the sound track to sync up like you wanted to and re-export the video form the video editor.

Sure. I don’t mind sharin’ it. How do I do that? Do I just post the video on here or what?

@MonkeyBomb The video can help see the issue but what they would appreciate is the PCLX file, the pencil2d file where you save the project.

You can upload it to services you trust like google drive, dropbox, mega.nz, wetransfer, etc. And paste the link here, or if you prefer send me a private message and I’ll relay it to them when I have time (right now i’m going to bed tho)


Or it might be this one. One of these will work.

@MonkeyBomb Hey. thank you for sharing!.

I looked at your file and the good thing is that I can reproduce your issue, I also have the sync issues after exporting it’s mainly because it seems that the soundtrack has a different streaming rate than the video. I’ll file a bug report and submit it so developers can take a look at the synchronization problem and hopefully fix it before the next version :slight_smile:

Meanwhile use the following development build which has the volume export problem fixed so you can export the audio tracks separately and place them in a video editor along your animation to finish your with w/ sound:

Pencil2D January 7th 2019 development build

Note: As friendly advice, If possible it’s better to have some of the overlapping sounds on a different track instead of placing them on top of existing sounds…I mean there’s no rule saying you can’t but since we don’t know what effects it can have on how Pencil2D understands the sounds during export and since video editors can’t have multiple sounds in the same position on the same track, it breaks that convention and it might be changed later in Pencil2D, so don’t get too hung on placing sounds like that: image

All right. Thank you.

@MonkeyBomb Hey, just wanted to share an update on this problem, thanks to sharing your file we found a related issue to sound sync and it has been fixed :tada:

I think there might still be a 1 or 2 frame delay but depending on the video player (e.g quicktime starts with a 1 frame delay for any video) most video players reproduce the exported video almost identically to what you see in the Pencil2D editor.

If you don’t mind you could test the latest version from February 5th with your doggy file to see if you still have the original issues?

Here’s the download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1juDKIkv1F8fuNruGBwauA_y-7UNWibis

If you have the time we would really appreciate you letting us know if this new version works for you. Thanks again and I hope you’re doing great! :smiley:

Yeah it is a tad late but it’s cool. One or two frames isn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks for helping!