Exporting question- newbie

Hey just a quick question- is there an option to export the bitmap, where I’ve done all my drawings, as a transparency to overlay on a video In another software?


@Ihatejoe Hey, welcome to the forum. The short answer is yes. You can export a PNG image sequence with transparency enabled and then import that into a video editor as a clip which will allow you to overlay it on top of other vids.

Another option is to export it with a green vivid color as a background and use the chroma key feature, however you obviously would want to try the first option since it’s cleaner and doesn’t depend on your video editor effects.

To export an image sequence go to File > Export > Image Sequence > Select PNG on the format dropdown list > Check the Transparencycheckbox > Then click on the Browse button to create and/or find a folder where all the images will be saved to > Then save the location > press save / accept / export etc and you’re good to go.

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Awesome thank you so much! Appreciate yr help!

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