Exporting problems

So hi im having a really minor issue but its very annoying- i just got pencil 2d today- and was working on a little animation timed to music. everything looked right and was on beat but when i go to export it the .mp4 seems to be faster than whats shown while making it IN pencil. is there a way to fix this? cause seeing it off like that is very annoying and ive tried everything i can think of to fix and nothing seems to be working

Hi Apple

Does the entire clip appear faster or is it only the sound playback?

Would you mind uploading the pencil file, so we can take a look at it and possibly be able to reproduce the problem?

Also, just to be sure, you’re using the nightly build right?


here is the pencil file- made at 25 fps


and heres the export clip i got

as far as builds go im unsure i downloaded the newest build on the website is there another one i should be using?

Thanks for uploading the file :slight_smile:

I re-exporting your video, and ended up with 11 instead of 10 seconds:

It looks identical to the pencil playback in my case, so it may be that you’re using an older version of Pencil2D, that is causing problems and somehow skipped frames or something.

The newest build is under the headline “Nightly Builds” on the front page.
It will take you here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxdcdOiOmg-CcWhLazdKR1oydHM
where you should choose the build with most recent date.

The newest build is under the headline “Nightly Builds” on the front page.

Eh scratch that, if you grabbed one of the links under “Latest version” then you should have the newest release. If you are unsure, use the link I posted above and download the release with most recent date :slight_smile:

@applefox Hey~ Nice work!.

So When I open the file the first thing that I notice is that the playback speed is set to 12 fps.

I just played back the animation INSIDE the Pencil2D editor with 25 fps, and the rythm of the movie as well as the sound is exactly the same as the one you posted on youtube which makes me ask, Did you actually animate it at 25 fps, or did you animate it at 12 and then cranked the fps to 25 before exporting?

If you export at 12 fps, it will export your movie slower and on video players it will function in the same way, the video will just say it’s on 12 fps, but it will work as if you were working on 2’s, that is one drawing per every two frames. If you wanted your movie on 25 fps and to still maintain the current editor speed, this is what you have to to in order to achieve the desired screen speed.

I know this may sound like an obvious thing, but hopefully this will help you out.

p.s. I exported on 13 fps and uploaded a test to my youtube channel, and it worked. So your video should work too if you do that, cheers! :slight_smile:

Hey I am equally having issues with exporting my animation. I choose to export it as a movie… a popup window comes up so i choose where to send it to and as an mp4. but when i choose the specific folder it says no items matches your search and then it doesn’t save. :frowning:

@janglybob9 are you using the latest version of Pencil2D? What does it say in the title of the program? For example: Pencil2D - Nightly Build 2017-08-xx?

it was the 17th 8 2017. it probably doing summit wrong my end tho

Hmm that should be fine then, can you give me a step wise list of how you save, or better, upload a video of the problem? at the very least, upload a picture of the message you’re getting, then I might be able to help you.


It looks like you’ve managed to delete the camera layer O_o that shouldn’t be possible… anyway, add a new camera layer, then you should be able to export your video :slight_smile:

Omg what a complete tit lol… don’t be judging me people ;/ thanx CandyFace :slight_smile: