Exporting Movies

When I try to export as a movie (Pencil2D 0.5.4) it doesn’t happen, but I noticed the terminal window says to “put ffmpeg.exe in the plugins folder”. Oddly enough I have this ffmpeg.exe from the branch of Pencil I was already using (the branch known as Clash) but where is this plugins folder I need to copy it to?


If you create a folder called “plugins” in your pencil directory you can put ffmpeg.exe in that. If it doesn’t work you can download a possibly newer version of ffmpeg at ffmpeg.zeranoe.com

If it still doesn’t work (there have been some issues with exports), try the nightly build


Thanks a lot, I did need the newer version from that web page but it worked fine. Too bad it can’t still export .swf though.

Apparently the plan is to eventually have a built-in encoder rather than relying on sending commands to ffmpeg. Maybe they’ll include a swf export as well, when that gets implemented. Considering the continued development of vector graphics features, it seems logical that vector export would remain part of it.

Does exporting work in OS X? It doesn’t seem to actually do anything when I try.