Exporting Movies is lagging

I’ve been exporting movies but they dont keep up with the framerate i set it to, im using a Dell Inspiron if that helps

@YuLeTiDe Hmm this is quite weird. When you mention they don’t keep up with the framerate, if you used sounds, is it because the sound is lagging?

Or is it because it is slow on playback by default? Can you mention which media player you are using?

There is always a possibility that the Computer itself is simply not powerful enough to reproduce the videos. If you are exporting MP4’s, it is possible that the videos are encoded with a newer specification for modern systems, this means that it would not be properly played back on systems that are older or have minimal specs.

For the first possibility, Pencil2D does have issues with the sound and devs haven’t been able to fix it just yet. We recommend to finalize the video in a video editor to accommodate the sound to your video. It usually has a delay of 1 up to 5 frames so it’s easy to fix.

Here’s a list of free video editors you can try:

Free / Open-Source Video Editors



For the second possibility, this may sound obvious however please don’t get annoyed by the suggestion, Make sure to check that your timeline FPS is at least higher than 12FPS; 24FPS being optimal, otherwise the animation will be absolutely slow no matter what.

Also if you animated at a specific FPS, you have to keep that FPS all the time, it’s not a thing you can change at any part of the animation to make it “faster” or “slower”. Again just mentioning this as we’ve had these kind of questions before, apologies if you already know about this.

For the third possibility, this is something that we can’t test ourselves, but if you can please export an AVI and see if that plays better.

To export an AVI go to File > Export > Movie > Browse > And below the name prompt, choose AVI instead of MP4 from the dropdown list. Then export as normal.

If this movie plays fine, please let us know, if it doesn’t let us know as well.

Lastly I have to ask is, if it’s possible for you, to share both the pencil2d project file (.pclx) and the exported movie that has the defective FPS, this is so the devs can inspect them.

If you are able to, please use http://wetransfer.com and follow the following GIF screen instructions here to use the anonymous link options, instead of the email procedure.

When you have the link PM me the link if you don’t want anyone else to look and i’ll refer it to the developers.

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