Exporting Blank Canvas

I’m not super savvy with Pencil2D, but I’ve finished my animation and I’m trying to get it to export (either as an MP4 or I would even take frames) but whenever I try, it just exports as a completely blank canvas with only the sound I have attached. The camera is set at the same size as my frames. There’s no error message that pops up, so I feel like I must just be doing it wrong.

@slashedstrings Greetings. It is indeed strange that you’re not seeing a result on the video export. Is it possible that you can share your project file so I can take a look and investigate the issue?

To share your file I recommend uploading to the free service www.wetransfer.com

If you follow the guide below you can also set it to share a link and it will be deleted in 7 days by default, so no need to worry that it will be floating in the net eternally.

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