Exported Images Rotates

New here. Been using Pencil2D a while, but encountered a bizarre bug I couldn’t find a solution to.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, if I attempt to export an image sequence (pngs only, no other options will work, another presumed bug), all exported images are rotated 30 degrees counterclockwise. The images are not rotated on the canvas, but will be when exported. Restarting Pencil, restarting my PC, and reinstalling Pencil all do not work; exported images are still rotated.
What gives?

  • Matt

@timmon26 Hi! Sorry to ehar you’re having difficulties with the export. Can you tell us if you’re using Windows or MAC OSX? Also which version of Pencil2D are you using?

This is an unheard bug for us, but if there’s a chance you’re using the old 0.54b version, I can forward you to a new development version that better reflects the state of Pencil2D, although it’s not representative of the final version we want to ship, it’s close.

If you’d like to try it out you can download it here:


Let us know what happens!:

Hint: Newer builds come with video and (experimental) gif export.

Okay, gave it a shot. New version of Pencil certainly feels more stable.

Looks like the artwork on all bitmap frames has simply been rotated 30 degrees. I don’t know how it got that way, certainly didn’t tell Pencil to do that, and don’t see any tools for rotating it back. Advice?

@timmon26 Hey. Hmm well there is a way to rotate selected drawings in pencil2d. You have to:

  1. Create a selection with the Marquee tool over your drawing
  2. Select the Move Tool (Q)
  3. Press CTRL + Left Click & Drag the mouse to rotate it back

However with this you’d have to rotate back every frame, so my other idea is to export a PNG sequence of all the rotated drawings, load the sequence into GIMP or KRITA, both are free and open source bitmap editors that rival Photoshop. Loading each frame as a layer will allow you to group them and rotate them all at once, then you can re export individually each frame back and re-import them into pencil to continue your animation work.

This would be a very technical process, but it’s the fastest way to be honest. For a pro it would take about 6 to 10 minutes to do the whole process. Since I don’t know if you use Krita or GIMP, it might take you around an hour to correct this problem with the proposed solution.

If you use Photoshop already, you can use actions to automate the process so you can even just open one, rotate it 30° and save over, then apply the same action to the whole folder, so it might take even less time.

Isn’t that because of the Zoom/Rotate thing?

@o_locas rotating your canvas view shouldn’t export tilted images. It was a bug, but it must be really specific to the old version, that’s why we’re encouraging everyone to download the Nightly Builds and filter the same bugs that have been reported before to narrow down what’s the real problem.

I use GIMP all the time, so that workaround won’t be difficult. Had intended to transfer all the frames to GIMP anyway.

But your instructions for rotating them in Pencil don’t work. Holding control (or any function key) don’t modify the move tool - it just stretches and skews the drawing no matter what.
I thought maybe I could rotate the camera frame to match the drawings, but I don’t see a way to do that.
I’ve tried adding a new camera after rotating the view back to 0 to see if that would work, but the new camera has an angle as well.
New camera layers apparently cannot be deleted either.

@timmon26 On the new version the Camera layer cannot be deleted and there should be only one layer, ideally.

I’ve made a general quick tutorial as a video response to show you and others how to rotate drawings with the latest development update. It’s a bit arcane, and hopefully we can improve it substantially in the future, but for now it works.

On the other hand I’m worried that the “tilt” was maintained. Of all the bugs I’ve seen and heard of this one is quite mysterious. If you’d like you can upload your file and send us a link so our lead dev can take a look, but for now I think this is as much as I can do for now. Good luck and if you have any other question or issue let us know :slight_smile: