Today i was exporting in movie mode and it didn’t work… I looked it up and I found i didn’t have ffmpeg so i got it and made a folder named plugins plopped ffmpeg.exe in and it didnt work renamed it ffmpeg (no exe) and still no luck!

Here: BTW No viruses -.-





Please help!


@508droid Yo. Movie export doesn’t work right now. Our devs are working to fix that. Right now you have to export an Image sequence that have your drawings and make a video with a different program.

I’ll direct you to a small video tutorial I made to help other people to create a video using Pencil & Shotcut, which is an open source (free) dedicated video editor.


I was sleep deprived so I might sound a bit weird. If you have any question about this process, let me know here.

p.s. Also, mind your tags

That doesnt help what so ever it doesnt give me the link to the programs or anything!

@508droid Strange, the link to the video editor I mention was in the previous post as you can see the word “Shotcut” is highlighted, meaning it is a clickable link. In the video I visit the website directly and a quick Google search would have allowed you to find it as well.

But I’ll save you the trouble then:

Shotcut: http://www.shotcut.org/bin/view/Shotcut/Download

As I said, this is a workaround for exporting your animation as Pencil2D does not have yet a movie export capability. But If you feel it’s too much of a hassle, then I can forward you to different free solutions that will also allow you to animate and export so you don’t have to stress over minor details.

Free 2D Animation Software:

Tupi: http://www.maefloresta.com/portal/downloads

Synfig: http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/download/

Free 3D Animation Software (with 2D capabilities):

Blender: https://www.blender.org/download/

Have fun.