Export video with onion skins?

New to Pencil2D. I am doing a skateboard scene and put the onion skins on previous 5 frames during playback. It created a really cool trail effect and I was wondering if there is anyway I could export the final project with it. I know thats not what the function is for,so I guess can always just screen capture it.

@Ale_x Hey, welcome to the forum. Hmm I know what you meant. There’s a “show during playback” option, but as you might have noticed it’s only for the editor.

Usually these kind of effects are best done in compositing software, though for your specific effect you could try exporting the video or image sequence of the character animation, then in a video editor add a second track with the same animation but offset a few frames with a lowered opacity.

This would most likely help recreate the effect you’re going for after some tuning.