Export to movie doesn't play sound

Hey gang, I just downloaded this software to start my first cartoon, never animated before, and I’ve run into a hitch. I have like a 2 second clip that I added sound to, and I can’t hear it once I export to mp4. The video plays fine, only without audio. Any ideas?

@MrStEnch Hi, please make sure you are using the latest version of Pencil2D.

I’ll paste a link to a development version that also fixes a problem with the current web download version to avoid you having issues:

Win64: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-kZs1-OMhX8E2bc4rYLcP8hCkJH-2-4B/view?usp=sharing
MacOSX (10.11+) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o7j9XSevPFoD7kpuvnmBVodf9Nj9usne/view?usp=sharing
Linux: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MEPotcQ_KIi-ZFd1mY5tzUipIgEfsRfd/view?usp=sharing

If you still can’t export with sound, please use a WAV file, in case your sound is an MP3. Otherwise please report again so we can continue troubleshooting the issue.

Hey Jose, thanks for the advice. Tried the latest version and it still won’t play with the sound once exported. It does play in the software but not as an movie. Any ideas?

Does sound work inside Pencil2D?
There has been problems if you use the Linux app-image. Sound doesn’t work . Besides that there has not been problems, as far as I know.

Hi David, thanks for the response. I’ve tried using the windows 64 and 32 bit versions, and while there is sound inside the program, there isn’t sound once I export it. And I have used a wav file for the sound.
I haven’t been able to find any info about it, so it just seems a unique bug on my end. Not sure what to do.

@MrStEnch In these cases please try to send us both the pencil2D project file and the actual sound file you are using so the developers can test out the problem. I have Windows 7, but this might be an issue out of windows 10 (unsurprisingly i’m afraid).

I’d ask you to try out with other random sounds to see if they work or not in order to rule out the possibility that the sound itself is not working with the export “flags” of FFMPEG, the plugin Pencil2d uses to export video.

Ok how do I send the file? The site won’t allow me to upload it here. I’m on windows 7 too, and I’ve tried making other recordings, in different formats even and it still won’t export with sound. Thanks again.

@MrStEnch Hmm please upload it to a cloud service you trust like google drive, dropbox or even through wetransfer.com and post the link here :slight_smile:

@MrStEnch Hi. Ok I tested this and exported the file as an MP4 without issue. The sound is working properly and I didn’t even do anything.

Honestly I’m not sure then what is happening, it could be that your specific video player is not being sorted out in Windows sound mixer, or perhaps it’s disabling certain video files audio.

Please try out with other video players like VLC, or Quicktime Player, or even try to drag and drop into a chrome tab and let the chrome video player play it back for you to rule out that possibility.

The other possible problem is that you’re lacking sound codecs in your computer. If you install Quicktime you’ll be more than able to playback MP4 files, or if you install a certified Windows codec package, that could work as well.
If you tried exporting an AVI and it isn’t working either…then it’s definitely a software problem with codecs and not a hardware issue. However this isn’t related to Pencil2D but rather to Windows.

This is frustrating. All I can think is i’m somehow exporting it wrong, but it just seems to export without sound. I can get it to play the sound through the program, but it’s still not exporting with sound. I tried downloading new codecs package, I tried playing it in chrome tab, vlc, sending it in messenger playing it there, and each time it says there’s still no sound. Could I be exporting it wrong somehow? Tried as avi and mp4 to the same result.

@MrStEnch Just trying to help, but if you don’t mind can you record a video of you exporting the video? I want to see the exact steps you take from starting pencil2d, loading the file until the movie is out. Of course if that’s possible and within your reach.

You can use OBS which is free software to capture your screen and you can configure it to avoid showing unnecessary stuff you don’t want to show.

If after reviewing that and trying another solution that nothing works, all I can think is for you to try to put the sound in a video editor, that is, import the MP4 video and look inside the video editor if there’s a sound track, and if it sounds inside the editor, then it is definitely a windows problem, one that I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to fix :confused:

@MrStEnch it might also be useful if you upload your exported video so we can definitively rule out issues with playback.

Hey sorry I’ll try and send a step by step for my exporting, I don’t have a way of recording it sorry, short of my phone, so maybe tomorrow, and I’ll upload the exported video as well. I’m going to buy a tablet to draw on I was wondering if this program works with android? If so I might forget about troubleshooting for now.

@MrStEnch Don’t worry take your time. Also no, this program is not yet available for android systems. Porting it will take a lot of time and effort along someone knowledgeable enough to port the application.

If you need an animation program for Android you could try Flip-a-Clip or Animation Desk. Happy weekend.

Tupi has an Android app. I have tried it, and it’s fun, but not much more. Try it.

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