Experimenting with the Pencil2D camera

I’ve been using Pencil2D for animation both for personal and professional projects, for several years, but I have not made much use of the camera feature.

I understand from reading the information on the Pencil2D website that the developers are working on camera improvements. These are currently in testing mode.

This project was produced using the current version 0.6.6 camera tools.


The Pencil2D project file that generated the above .GIF animated file is Camera_Zoom-4.pclx (63.8 KB)

The reason for the black screen is since the .GIF file is set to repeat, the black screen is the end of the animation sequence.

Currently there are no ease in or ease out facilities. This is used because the camera, or any object like a car cannot accelerate from stationary to it’s move speed instantaneously, it accelerates. When it has to stop it decelerates.