Error opening saved file

Hi, so I’ve been working on a animation for my YouTube channel for a few months. Recently I went to open the saved file with my animation and it gave me this error. “Pencil cannot read this file. If you want to import images, use command import” I don’t know if the file is corrupt or something?

@LilYhama Hi. Hmm as per the warning it seems like it is. However do not despair, when Pencil2D files get corrupt it means that the main file that handles the drawings has been lost probably because the saving operation was interrupted. However usually your drawings will be still in the file, although you’ll have to re order them again.

This issue is not happening much on the latest version of Pencil2D, so I’m inclined to think you also have an older version, and if you do I encourage you to update to the newest one, otherwise this will happen more frequently than not.

Please follow this guide to recover your work (it’s a forum thread that’s stickied on this forum):

You basically have to change the main PCLX file extension to ZIP and then re-import all your files into a new Pencil2D file. Such procedure among other considerations are explained thoroughly in that guide.

Lastly friendly advice, please, make habit of saving multiple backup files. NEVER work in the same file for a long period of time, even expensive commercial software like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate corrupt their files from time to time so professional animators in a studio environment have to save several copies in a single session to avoid losing work like this.

Let me know if you managed ot salvage some of your work afterwards.