"Error instancing bitmapImage" and "Painter not Active" Error.

Every couple of paint strokes and an error will occur where when I draw anything with the painter tool, it will disappear and instead make a blank rectangle in it’s place. After this happens, I have to restart the program for it to work for only a couple minutes until it occurs again. I am using the 5.4 build (if you think a nightly build might help I’ll download one). This is the code: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2vdqgq8.jpg

@abbzzz Hi Abigail. Yes a nightly build will deffinitely help with this problem, since Nightly builds are updated versions of the software, even though they aren’t stable enough for us to release, you will most likely feel the difference.

However it might be worth taking note of which steps are you taking before this happens.

You can download the latest nightly build here: