Error importing a svg image

The Problem

I am trying to import a svg image into the vector layer.

Test 1

When I do this:

File > Import > Image ... > test.svg

I received this message: Unable to import image.

Test 2

When I do this:

File > Import > Image Sequence ... > test.svg

I received this message: * was unable to import/…/test.svg*


It is not possible to import a svg image in to the vector layer.

Program details

Installed from official repositories : sudo apt-get install pencil2d, Version: 0.6.4, Development build, Operating System: KDE neon User Edition 5.22, CPU Architecture: x86_64

@fabricio Hi, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately Pencil2D currently has no capability to import SVG directly. The only way to bring a vector image is by rasterizing it and loading it as a bitmap (for now)

I have a tutorial on how to copy and paste vectors to pixels from inkscape to Pencil2D if you’re interested.

Of course the Pencil2D team is aware of this limitation and once the vector system has been fixed and certain features achieve parity with the new raster engine that’s coming, an import feature will hopefully be added to bring in SVG.

For now if you need SVG import I’d recommend synfig, blender or even krita as those are it’s probably the only one FOSS apps that properly handle SVGs right now (there might be more but I’d need to look for them)

FYI we use Github for bug reports and feature requests. Here’s the existing tickets for the SVG import:

And for improving VEC file compatibility (VEC is the vector file used in Pencil2D, very similar to SVG like when used in ORA files)

@fabricio The answer to your question was covered well by @JoseMoreno. I just wanted to add that you should upgrade to the latest version of Pencil2D (0.6.6) as soon as possible. It has many important improvements to the program stability and some new features. If the repository you are pulling from does not have an up-to-date version, then we recommend using the flatpak or appimage version for Linux users.

Hi @JoseMoreno thanks for your answer and the video. In my case think SVG images are important because the animation can be easy crated deforming the image without resolution changes. By the other hand, as you showed in the video, I can deform many times the SVG image in inkscape and then import them to create the animation in Pencil2D. I hope we we can import SVG images in the future with Pencil2D. Thanks.

@fabricio I really hope as well that Pencil2D can import SVG natively in the future.

However the amount of improvements, fixes and features that are still pending is staggering, and we only have so much time to fix and test the app considering we’re all working on this projects as volunteers; there’s no organization or company behind the project.

That said we will make sure to implement this when it’s possible, since it’s an essential compatibility requirement for open source graphics software as well as a web standard nowadays :+1:

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