Eraser Tool Issue


Hey! I just downloaded this yesterday and am very excited to get into animating! However, I have been having an issue with the Eraser tool. Whenever I try to erase something, it erases normally while i hold the left-click down, but once I let go, the erase bit just pops right back up. Also, I am erasing stuff in a background (bitmat) layer that is placed below my default bitmap layer. I’m only having this issue in the secondary bitmap layer, as when I go back to the default one, the things are erased. Any help? I could also post a video of what I’m talking about too if that helps!

When you erase on the current layer you are on, it will look like a brush drawing white color. Right after you let go the button (mouse or stylus on tablet), the tool begins to erase the area that you have drawn on, and the white lines disappear. You might have placed the background in the default bitmap layer instead, or put them in the wrong order, and leave the the other one selected. So when you try to erase the background, it erases the other one. To be honest, I didn’t fully understand the problem here, so I would need the video. It might explain further what’s happening.

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