English - Spanish Glossary

Well, I’ve tried to sign up in order to translate Pencil2D.
My e-mail address was rejected.
So I write down here a short list of terms, useful for the practical use (interface) and for the documentation in Spanish language.
In the next days I will complete it.

Note: I am Italian mother tongue.
Please, check possible mistakes. Feel free to add missing terms and correct the wrong ones you find.

Camera name: Nombre Camera:
Camera size: Tamaño Camera:
Cancel Cancelar
Tint Tinta
Clear Borrar
Red Rojo
Green Verde
Blue Azul
Alpha Canal Alfa
Hue Tono
Saturation Saturación
Value Valor
Colors Colores
Add Color
Remove Color
Colour name Nombre Color
Colour %1 Color %1
Display Options
Show invisible lines
Show outlines only
Horizontal flip
Vertical flip
Onion skin previous frame
Onion skin next frame
Onion skin color: blue
Onion skin color: red
enable onionskin on multiple layers
Grid A - composition
Grid B - perspective
Import movie Importar animación
Bitmap Layer Capa Bitmap
Are you sure you want to delete layer: Confirmar eliminación de la capa:
Options Opciones
Compression Compresión
Export SWF Options Opciones esportar SWF
Save Image Sequence
Save As
Save Image
Export Movie As… Exportar animación como…
.avi);;MOV(.mov);;WMV(.wmv) SWF (*.swf)
Import image… Importar imagen…
ImportImg Importarimagen
Unable to load bitmap image.
TIP: Use Bitmap layer to import bitmaps.

Unable to load vector image.
TIP: Use Vector layer to import vectors.

Please select a Bitmap or Vector layer to import images.

Tools Hierramentas
Layer Properties Propriedades Capa
Layer name: Nombre Capa:

Unable to export image. Imposible exportar la imagen.
Import sound…
Save SVG Salva SVG
SVG files (.svg) Fichero SVG(.svg)
SVG Generator Example Drawing Dibujo ejemplo del generator de SVG
An SVG drawing created by the SVG Generator Example provided with Qt.
Un dibujo SVG creado para el generador de SVG suportado con Qt.

Autosave documents
Enable autosave
Number of modifications before autosaving:
Numero di modifiche prima del salvataggio automatico:
Window opacity Ventana Opacidad
Background Fondo
Rendering Rendering
Editing Editar
Opacity Opacidad
Shadows Sombras
Tool Cursors
Aqua Style
Antialiasing Antialiasing
None Ningun
Gradient1 Gradiente1
Gradient2 Gradiente2
Gradients Gradientes
Vector curve opacity Opacidad de la … vectorial
Vector curve smoothing
Tablet high-resolution position Posición a alta risolucion de la tableta
Undefined Layer Capa non definida
Layer Properties Propriedades Capa
Layer name: Nombre Capa:
Bitmap Layer Capa Bitmap
Camera Layer Capa Camera
Sound Layer
Wrong file Fichero errado
Vector Layer Capa Vectorial
MainWindow VentanaPrincipal
File Fichero
Import Importar
Export Exportar
Onion Skin
Animation Animación
Tools Hierramientas
Layer Capa
Help Ayuda
Windows Ventanas
New Nuevo
Open Abrir
Save As …
Exit Salir
X-sheet … Foja-X…
Image Sequence…
Image… Imagen …
Movie… Animación …
Palette… Paleta
Svg Image… Imagen SVG
Redo Repetir
Cut Recortar
Copy Copiar
Paste Incolla
Crop Recortar
Crop To Selection Recortar a la Selección
Select All Selectionar Todo
Deselect All
Clear Frame Borrar fotograma
Reset Zoom/Rotate
Toggle palette
Reset to default
Next_Keyframe Fotograma llave siguiente
Previous keyframe
Options Opciones
Color Wheel … de Colores
Color Palette Paleta de Colores
Display Options Opzioni di visualizzazione
Preferences Preferencias
Reset Windows
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Rotate Clockwise
Rotate AntiClosewise
Horizontal Flip
Vertical Flip
Next Siguiente
Next Frame Fotograma siguiente
Previous Frame
Extend Frame
Add Frame
Duplicate Frame
Remove Frame
Move Sposta
Select Seleziona
Brush Brocha
Polyline Polilinea
Hand Mano
Pencil Lápiz
Bucket Cubo
Eraser Goma
New Bitmap Layer Nueva Capa Bitmap
New Vector Layer Nueva Capa Vectorial
New Sound Layer Nueva Capa
New Camera Layer Nueva Capa
Delete Current Layer
color palette: use © toggle at cursor

Open Recent
Open File…
Pencil cannot read this file. If you want to import images, use the command import.
Pencil no puede leer este fichero. Si quieres importar imagenes, usar el comando importar.
Save As…
Opening document…
Saving document… .
This animation has been modified. Do you want to save your changes?

close/toggle (
Redo Repetir
Export As Exportar como
Black Negro
Red Rojo
Dark Red Rojo …
Orange Naranjo
Dark Orange Naranjo …
Yellow Amarillo
Dark Yellow
Green Verde
Dark Green Verde …
Dark Cyan
Blue Blu - Azul
Dark Blue Blu scuro – Azul …
White Blanco
Very Light Grey Grigio molto chiaro
Light Grey Grigio chiaro
Grey Grigio
Dark Grey Grigio scuro
Light Skin Piel clara
Light Skin - shade Piel clara -
Skin Piel
Skin - shade
Dark Skin
Dark Skin - shade
Line Linea
Close Cerrar
Preferences Preferencias
General General
Files Ficheros
Timeline Linea del tiempo
Tools Hierramientas
ZIP/UNZIP API error %1 error API ZIP/UNZIP %1
Open Recent
You are drawing on a hidden layer! Please select another layer (or make the current layer visible).

Flood fill error Error de relleno
Form Form
Action: Acin:
None Ningun
clear Borrar
Restore Default Shortcuts
Start of loop
End of loop
Loop Control
Loop control
Fps: FPS: fotogramas para segundos
Play Reproducir
Sound on/off
End Fine - Fin
Layers: Capas
New Bitmap Layer Nueva Capa Bitmap
New Vector Layer Nueva Capa Vectorial
New Sound Layer Nueva Capa
New Camera Layer Nueva Capa Camera
&Layer &Capa
Keys: Llaves:
Timeline Linea del tiempo
Draw timeline labels
Frame size in Pixels Tamaño fotograma (en pix)
Timeline size in Frames Tamaño linea del tiempo (en fotogramas)
Short scrub
Color: Color:
Display Colors
Size Tamaño
Set Pen Width [SHIFT]+drag for quick adjustment

Set Pen Feather [CTRL]+drag for quick adjustment Pressure
Size with pressure
Make invisible
Alpha Canal Alfa
Preserve Alpha
Stop at contours
Options Opciones
Pencil Tool (N): Sketch with pencil Hierramientas Lapiz (N): dibujo con lapiz
Select Tool (V): Select an object
Move Tool (Q): Move an object
Hand Tool (H): Move the canvas
Pen Tool §: Sketch with pen
Eraser Tool (E): Erase
Polyline Tool (Y): Create line/curves
Paint Bucket Tool (K): Fill selected area with a color

Brush Tool (B): Paint smooth stroke with a brush

Hierramenta Brocha (B): dibuja … con una brocha

Eyedropper Tool (I): Set color from the stage [ALT] for instant access

Clear Frame (Ctrl+D): Erases content of selected frame

Smudge Tool (A): Edit polyline/curves Liquify bitmap pixels +[Alt]: Smooth

Pencil Tool (N) Hierramenta Lápiz (N)
Select Tool (V) Hierramenta Seleción (V)
Move Tool (Q)
Hand Tool (H) Hierramenta Mano (H)
Pen Tool §
Eraser Tool (E) Hierramenta Goma (E)
Polyline Tool (Y) Polilinea (Y)
Paint Bucket Tool(K) Hierramenta Cubo (K)
Brush Tool(B) Hierramenta Brocha (B)
Eyedropper Tool (I)
Clear Tool
Smudge Tool (A)
Onion skin

Onion layer 1 opacity - % (50 is recommended):

Onion layer 2 opacity - % (30 is recommended):

Onion layer 3 opacity - % (20 is recommended):

@Tiber Thanks a lot! I must confess I forgot I had a working file of the spanish translation already in the works. So I energized myself thanks to your post and just finished translating the full pencil file for spanish language. I only missed about 4 to 6 entries because they seemed to work under the hood (no actual display), but I cant build the app right now so hopefully someone else can test this.

I’ll leave the file here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59671876/pencil2d_es.ts

Also it was easy to modify the file, I only had to download the master form github and search in the folder: resources > translations

The translation files (.ts) are actually XML files, so I edited it using Notepad++, which was way easier than that Onedrive thing. Hope this helps!

Hi @tiber,

Thank you for your translation.

The translation work of Pencil2D has already moved to OneSky, a online translation collaboration platform.

You could browse all the words used in Pencil2D in this link:


and start to translate online, it’s quite easy, no need to use other tools.

Hi, Matt !
I am so glad to read your feedback.
As I wrote, I’ve tried to sign up in order to translate, but my username and my e-mail address were rejected. I don’t know why.
And I’ve no Facebook account.
I could sign up with a username different from “tiber”, but I am afraid to cause confusion to other participants.

I see that @morr has already edited a Spanish translation (*.ts).
I’ve put the list here in order to make others complete and/or correct it.
So, the next weeks I will be starting with the French translation.

Pencil2d is still alive and kicking

@chchwy I see the oneskydrive is working now! when I tried to do it before I couldn’t edit it, but now I can! If it’s better for the devs I’ll upload my version of spanish translation there so others can see and discuss the best way to translate our language. Hopefully the pencil .ts I uploaded in this thread can speed up the process but no worries, whatever works I’ll gladly do it! :slight_smile:

@tiber Yeah Pencil2D has it’s heart beating! no doubt! :slight_smile:

Good ! I’ve downloaded @morr’s ts Spanish file.
I’ll use it and translate in French with Notepad++
I will upload the .ts file in Oneskydrive within the first week of December.
That’s a promise, not just a wish.

After this translation (the Italian one is already online, I see), the next step (next year) will be dealing with the C++ code.
It will take more time, of course.
I will analyse the coding in the original Pencil, Pencil2d and some other open source software (Tupi and the small ‘Purple’ suite).
Not synfig Studio, il’s something more different and more complex than this project.
I will not cause any interference with the developers’work, anyway I will ask some explainations to them when it needs.
Especially about underlying algorythms and chosen librairies, not about C++ synthax.

@tiber I’ve updated the “oneskyapp” spanish translation. Right now is about 99.4% because of some words that I’m unsure if they are part of the code or what (I must investigate this when I’m free in two weeks). Thanks for helping out with this either way :slight_smile:


Could you tell me what are the unsure words?

@chchwy Hey Matt! Yeah you can see some of them here:

The one’s I’m unsure if they are linked with the code are those which either are joined by an underscore like “Next_Keyframe”

Or those who are capitalized without spaces like “MultiLayerOnionSkin”

I didn’t translate them because I was worried that If i did it might lead to errors for those who ended up using the translated version.

It would be a huge help i’d you could let me know where exactly those words are displayed. Thanks!

Hi @morr,
I have checked the online platform for translating Pencil2D and I would like you to know this:

I have only checked the first three pages of the Spanish version, and I have changed ONLY the first two “words” (“Camera Size” into “Tamaño de la Camara” and “Camera Name” into “Nombre de la Camara”) since just “Nombre de Camara” seemed to be incorrect, in my own opinion.
Not sure if I am beeing acurated with the translation but would like to point out some more words here (and only here, since I would like to know if I am doing OK the way I am doing it)

Another ones:
“bitmap image” into “mapa de bits”. I think we should apply the translation “imagen bitmap”.

“Please select a bitmap layer or vector layer to import images”. Translation: “Por favor seleccione una capa Bitmap o Vectorial para importar (las) imagenes” instead of “Por favor seleccione una capa Bitmap o Vector para importar las imagenes”

Some words are written with Capital letter (Bitmap, when its meaning is related to a “Bitmap layer”), while others are not (bitmap, when it is mentioned as a “bitmap image”)… I don’t think this is congruent.

My three cents

@kaiko Hey man well…the thing is that I have already translated everything, I left comments even for some translations that could be troublesome so we could have discussions.

My question is if the translation is not showing on your end? Do I have to do something additional so my translation attempt becomes validated? because it says that spanish is 100% translated despite the words that i left the same due to the reason I mentioned to Matt.

@kaiko ah no my bad I now see what you mean. I think then we should discuss the changes over there as well. You can leave comments on every word that is being translated so we can see what works. Thank you for your time and for your help!

Thank you for pointing out to the right direction. It took me a while to understand how things worked there on OneSky, so I managed to add comments to the things that I suggested.
Today after receiving your own comments I replied to all of them, and I have checked all the pages from the Spanish Translation and finished my own suggestions.

(it would be a good idea to have the translation checked before merging it into Pencil2D since there are suggestions that are showed in the suggestion bar, and needs to be checked for a correct selection, if any …)

One note apart:
Since the Pencil2D community started to show a lot, a lot more activity later on (and THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! :wink: ), the number of new “users” (aka Spammers) increase about 700 ! (now it is counting 2.957)


Could you set up a Swedish too? I could help with that.

Btw. How can you change the language? Do you have to do it when you compile Pencil or is going to be a Preferences setting ?

Hi @manu,

Sorry but I am not familiar with Swedish language in any way :frowning:
But I’ll manage to set up the Portuguese translation if I find someone willing to help me with the details!

About the language User Interface, I believe it will be available through the Preference Panel in the final build.

What ? I see that someone else has already made the French translation and put it on line in OneSky. And I’ve noticed a new recent Danish translation, too !
As you know, I am an Italian mother tongue and the Italian version was present before I join these forums.
At this point, after my avalaibility to write also the Spanish one (@morr already had a ready file and put it on line) I think it will be better to examinate the architecture of the code: directories libraries headers and classes.
On my own, I will made my first animation … it’s the best way of learning how Pencil works !
By the way, someone of you knows or even uses the Inkling Wacom pen, drawing on common paper ? Maybe it will be my Xmas gift.