Editing sound volume

I have 2 sounds within my animation. One is too loud, and drowns out the other. How do i edit the volume of the loud audio to be quieter?

@spiritedanimator Hey, I’m afraid Pencil2D is not thought out to do these kind of tasks because in a studio environment you have a dedicated department or sound professional handling that area and they send the sounds for the final edit to be done in a video editor. Normally the sounds that are supposed to be brought into pencil2d are for lip-sync purposes or to animate to a soundtrack.

The best recommendation we can do so far is for you to edit the sound in a third party software like Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ (which is free and open source) and then re-import the sound (unless you save over the original sound which is normally not recommended if you want to preserve the original sample)

With that said however, I’ll submit a feature request so this can be discussed as I think it might be ok to have at least a volume handler for each individual sound, but this is something that might take time to implement.