Duplicating frame problem?

hello hi.
im unsure if this is an actual bug, since im quite new to pencil2D. i apologize if this is “normal” or something.
i noticed when you duplicate a frame between many frames (lets say, frame 30, to frame… 120. as an example) frames around frame 30 disappear? like instead of it just duplicating the frame it moves some/it and makes them blank.
my animation has well over 200 frames. and more to go. so it must be a bigger gap for it to happen.
im sorry if im wasting anyones time its just a very frustrating thing and im very confused about it.

@ghostgarden Hi. Sorry to hear about your issue, this sounds like something that used to happen before but was fixed already.

First of all I suggest make a copy of your project file (the .PCLX file) and don’t work on it any longer, instead work in the copy to avoid damaging your work further.

Secondly, what version of Pencil2D are you using? it’s important that you utilize the most recent version.
Now if the current download version is what is causing you the problem I have to ask you to show a GIF or a quick video (no sound needed) of the problem, because duplicating should not disappear frames and the previous bug I mentioned only happened when you moved a big chunk of frames.

So, if you’re not using the latest version, please download it so, IF you’re using the current download version (0.6.2) then please download the latest development version (JAN 18th 2019) found in the nightly build section at http://pencil2d.org/download#nightlybuild and test it with your file copy to see if the same behavior is happening and please report back.

If it’s still happening then by all means please send a GIF or Video showcasing the issue and share a link with the problem file so the developers can take a look at it.

Obviously the problem won’t be fixed right away but the more info they have, the easier it becomes to fix it, meanwhile however if you’re pressed for time, I’d recommend you to export the drawings you have as an image sequence and use another software like Krita or Firealpaca, to finish your work in case the newest pencil2d versions don’t help after trying them out.

As a last comment I just want to mention what happens when you duplicate a keyframe. When you hit the duplicate button, or press the shortcut note that you can only duplicate one drawing at a time for now, that will be whichever keyframe is under the red playback bar. The duplicated drawing will find the nearest empty frame and be placed there, so if for example you have all the frames occupied with drawings from 30 to 120, and you duplicate #30, it will go to the nearest frame available, in this case 120 + 1.

i promptly downloaded the latest nightly build to test it out. it worked perfectly for a little bit. but when i duplicated a lot of the frames on a whim then replayed it to test it out. a lot of the in betweens had disappeared this time (mostly. but just a big chunk disappeared in general, even ones i didnt specifically duplicate)
heres a gif example. sorry its horrendously long.

@ghostgarden Shucks, I see, that indeed should not be happening. Would you be willing to share me your screen over discord so I can see in real time how you go about it and how that happens?

That way I can learn how to reproduce the problem and then I’d be able to submit a bug report so the developers can fix this as promptly as possible. If you can’t or don’t want to that’s cool too, I can use another file I have to try and test the problem, but it will take me longer to find out how exactly you are duplicating the frames for this problem to happen.

Another thing I’d have to ask of you is if it’s possible that you can share the file that exhibits the problem either via google drive, dropbox, wetransfer or whatever other service you trust and then send me a private message with the link, don’t worry about privacy neither myself nor the pencil2d developers will use the file for anything other than finding the issue and then we would delete our copy.

@ghostgarden Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the new version of Pencil2D, 0.6.3 has been released on the official website http://pencil2d.org/download. You can test it right now if you want, as this version should contain a fix to the issue you mentioned on this thread. If you find it to be fixed please let us know, if it wasn’t, let us know as well.

Although the proposed fix itself was submitted here only 2 days after your initial post, I just didn’t see it until now, sorry it took so long to notify you, :face_with_head_bandage: