Duplicate save dialog when closing app on mac

If I have an animation started, then I click on another program (so that Pencil is behind another window), then try to close Pencil from the Dock (right-click>Quit), it pops up with the usual 'This animation has been modified. Do you want to save your changes?" but once I press ‘No’, the same window pops up again. If I press ‘No’ again then Pencil closes.


Pencil Nightly Build 2017-09-23

Mac OSX Sierra
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: 8gb

@neeby Hmm this is really odd. A similar issue had already been fixed before regarding the double save window. I’ll see If I can confirm on a different platform and then I’ll report on the tracker. Thanks for reporting here :slight_smile:

Hi, did you manage to look into this? I’m still getting it on the Nov 9th build. Thanks

@morr Still getting this issue on the 0.6 build

@neeby This is really weird. I’ll ask a MAC developer to see if he can reproduce this on his end. I just can’t seem to do it on mine and might be a MAC only issue.

@candyface sorry to bother you, but do you mind testing the issue on this thread when you have some time? seems specific to MAC OSX and the OP says it’s happening on 0.6 as well.

@morr @neeby I can confirm this behaviour. Trying to kill pencil via right-click on the dock will indeed perform a double dialog popup. The first time you press “Don’t save” it closes pencil2d, but the popup appears again. i’ll look into this

Thanks for making us aware of this.

Better to raise an issue on Github

@morr @neeby This should be fixed in the next nightly build.

@candyface @morr Thank you!