Duplicate Layers - How To - Version 0.6.6 3/17/2020

Can we ‘Duplicate’ a Layer (not a frame - but a Layer)??

I’m reading where some people are using ‘Fame/Layer’ in the same sentence and makes it confusing.

In a Forum dated 2/4/202 by JoseMoreno… [sic]…Duplicating layers was actually developed recently, but it is under strict review and might not come until version 0.6.6 unfortunately. For reference the current version is 0.6.4 and the next release will be 0.6.5 …

I’m currently using Version Pencil2D version 0.6.6 (3/17/2023) and see no way of doing this besides copying ALL of the FRAMES in a LAYER and pasting in a ‘New Layer’.

Thank you.

Pencil2D - Version 0.6.6

MacBook Pro - IOS Ventura 13.2.1


There has been plans to directly support layer duplication for a long time. That message you quote was merely speculation on when the feature might be added. We do not have a strict roadmap, so the exact versions when certain features will be added is not known in advance. v0.6.6 does not have any feature to directly duplicate a layer. There are multiple ways to work around this, such as exporting the layer as and image sequence and reimporting it to another layer, or using the Import Layers from Project file option with the project file itself.

This feature has made it into the code for the next release, but I can’t say for sure when that will be. In the mean time you can download one of our Nightly Builds which contains the latest fixes and features including layer duplication as well as multi-frame copy-paste, but this version has not been tested as thoroughly and may have new bugs. If you try that out, you will find the layer duplication button next to the add and remove layer buttons.

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Thanks for your response. Enjoy working with Pencil2D…nice app to work with on my animations!

Go Team Pencil2D!

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