Drawing tools

Would it hurt to put in a basic shapes toolbox?

Squares, circles, triangles and other basic shapes provide a medium for kids to get into animating with.

With things like that they can learn to draw later and animate now by making a box spin, or drawing a house or whatever other things children might think up.


As an extension to this, some form of adding text would be nice as well…

I would also want to have circle and rectangle tool. But I don’t want some extra shapes. Circle and rectangle is fine already.

But if you still want those stuff, I suggest these tools. Polygon tool and um… “Pointygon” tool. (Or just star instead of pointygon… idk) Polygon tool: make a polygon with a number of edges. Star tool: make a star with a number of points.

The bucket fucking sucks atm, ( dev 0.5.4b ) it would be sick if it actually filled in the box or shape i made instead of making its own rectangle.

You guys are doing good tho, keep up the work, this seems solid. but fix yo shit.