Drawing lags behind cursor

Whenever I draw it lags behind the cursor. I have 0.6.6, win 8.1 64bit, 5gb ram, AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics.

Please help me.

I run a PC with 4 GB RAM and I run it on 0.6.6 as well- well, a nightly build, technically- but sometimes I lag as well. It usually happens when there’s too much junk taking up space in my PC or I have multiple programs open, particularly a video editor or browser. It also lags if have too much onion skin layers appearing at the same time.

So I recommend deleting things, uninstalling programs, or reducing onion layers. If this doesn’t do anything, let me know or ping someone else because I’m not all that technical :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response. This issue can be caused by hardware limitations. In addition to what Jordan said, the number of layers and size of your canvas will also impact the speed of Pencil2D, but typically more during playback than drawing. The resolution of your display (or more accurately the size of your window) can also have an impact.

If you are using a graphics tablet, certain drivers and settings can also cause this issue. If you are using a graphics tablet, please share which brand and model you are using and then we may be able to make further recommendations to help fix the issue.

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