Drawing disappears when using tablet

Hi guys,

So, Ive been having this issue. When I draw with my tablet, the rest of the lines in the drawing disappear (see image below), and then they reappear when I draw more lines, it becomes very annoying as I have to do this process ever 3 or 4 lines I draw. This does not happen when drawing with the mouse, strangely enough. Anyone has any idea as to what is happening? I have a Wacom Bamboo CTL 470.


@Mitsergio Hi Sergio. Thank you for taking the time to notify us about your issue.

I see you’re using the vector layer, the actual problem is that the vector layer is not fit for production yet; it’s basically broken and we don’t recommend people using it other than for testing.

At this moment there’s a lot of work going to the bitmap engine that will replace the current drawing system for bitmap layers. And the current bitmap drawing system does work for animation.

Afterwards a new vector system will be developed and it will replace the current one. I can’t say when this will happen, but it’s possible it will take a few years. In that sense since you might not want to wait that much i’m going to link a list of alternative animation apps, many of which are free, along with links to some commercial apps and their budget versions.

From that list right now you could try WickEditor online which works with vector graphics and reminds me of the older version of Flash.

We’ll try to fix this issue in due time, but I’d rather recommend a different software than have you getting frustrated with Pencil2D. You’re more than welcome to keep browsing this forum and post your animation work in #your-stuff section of the forum or the #off-topic channel in our discord server

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