Draw with Jazza - The 2017 ANIMATION CHALLENGE!

So anyone up for this?

Let’s use Pencil2D for this Competition!

We think alike.

I’m working on this in Flash. I love Pencil but the lack of tweens at 30fps is really harsh. The free version of flash from 2004 is better if you ask me. You might want to check it out. (No offense Pencil, you are the best underdog!)

Yes, tween would be the best option here, since its to be 30 fps.
Personally, I am just considering this as a challenge.

Doing a double challenge is pretty sick. All luck to you. For mine I am using a cartoonized version of a picture of the real Jazza. Do you think it is bad that I used a photo and filtered and warped it?

a doodle of jazza will be much better than just a filtered photo. But it depends on the animation as well, if it works well with the picture, use it.

Are you entering to challenge yourself or to win?

To win. Need an upgrade from a rusty 6 year old computer. Although I will be using Pencil2D for the animation, if its not working out, than I might consider changing the software.

I think that pencil might be unsuitable for this. We have some serious competition.

@morr What do you think about using Pencil2D for a 30 fps animation project? Would love your input.

@sumit_makwana Hey Summit. Hmm It would be possible, but you would have to animate on two’s, that is exposing each drawing for two frames or working on 15fps, and then converting that inside a video editor.

Normally for TV in a video editor program you’d be using 29,97FPS due to an issue that occurs when there is a slight frame drop. For web you don’t need 30 FPS, at most you’d need 24, and even so, you can animate on two’s (or 12 FPS as explained)

The thing is that, the more FPS you use, the more drawings you have to do to represent the same amount of time.

So for 2D animators is better to draw less so they can output more work, but it all depends on what do you want.

What I’m trying to say here is. One thing is your projection frame rate, and a different thing is how many drawings you really NEED to convey an action.

The term “Frame modulation” occurs when for an action to be perceived as more fluid the animators use more frames, but when there are dialogues or iconic (yet static) actions, they use less frames.

Here’s an example of 1 second of animation with different qualities in mind:

Disney FILM Quality:
24 FPS, on one’s (one drawing per frame) for ultra-fluid action, old disney used a lot of two’s and ones mixed in

1 Second = 24 drawings on one’s, 12 drawings on two’s
1 Minute = 1440 Drawings on one’s, 720 on two’s (average of 1080 drawings)

TV Action Show Quality 30 FPS
30 FPS, on two’s and one’s, sometimes 4’s, sometimes 3’s

1 SEC = 30 Drawings on one’s, 15 Drawings on two’s
1 Minute = 1800 drawings on one’s , 900 drawings on two’s (Average 1350 drawings)

Japanese Animation 30FPS
30FPS often on 3’s, 5’s or 6’s. Less often 2’s or 1’s (only for “Sakuga” or money shot animation)

1 SEC = 10 drawings on 3’s, 6 drawings on 5’s, 5 drawings on 6’s
1 Minute = 600 drawings on 3’s, 360 on 5’s, 300 on 6’s

Web Quality

Initially 1 SEC = 12 Drawings Per Second (two’s), sometimes 8 Drawings per second (three’s) OR cut-out animation, with static puppet bodies and 2d animated limbs, or expressions.

It depends on what you need and what your time and financial budgets are.

@auwimo If we are to compare Flash and Pencil, there is no comparison possible. Flash is still the go to software for many pro animators, despite toonboom, tvpaint, toonz, retas, ctp and other softwares that exist in the market.

Pencil2D is just an open source solution, but since it is dependant on the amount of work that the community pours into it, well, most people want things for free and not to help improve the software, that’s why there are so many commercial solutions to “motivate” people to continue to improve the software :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if you guys are pressed for time and money, use whatever you feel is adequate. Good luck to you all on that challenge :slight_smile:

What idea are you shooting for summit?

@morr I would help out but I forgot how to code and am too lazy currently to learn th new html

@auwimo I am working on the character design. Since I am not that good with expressions, I am planning to do a character that has some sort of a blank face, or something the sort of mummy perhaps. Going for a 4 second loop.

I will have to do the bouncing ball at 30 fps and understand how I can work on the actual project.

The dance steps are somewhat debatable, I think they are funky, my friend thinks it doesn’t look like a dance. So, its still WIP.

i have just signed up to this for jazzas competition, this is gonna be a whole lot easier!

Good luck!!