Downloading into video

How do you download your pencil 2d animation into a video file? I do not know how to hence my username, and really need help with this so I can show it to my friends.

I’m assuming you want to export a Pencil2D project that you have into a video format playable with other applications. In that case, you need to go in the top menu to File > Export > Movie… A dialog will come up that allows you to choose where to export to and various other options. Once you click okay it will generate a video at the specified location which you can share with your friends, upload online, etc.

If you would prefer a gif format you can do the same thing but going to File > Export > Animated GIF. Gifs are good for looping animations without sound, but usually worse for any other situation.

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ok gotcha thank you for your help ill try it

no mean to be a bother but I won’t play and I’m on Mac

@New_animator Hi. if you exported a video (MP4 extension by default) or GIF from Pencil2D those should play only with specific apps. Pencil2D won’t open them like a normal Player.

For example Gif’s should be playable with Safari. and the MP4 videos should play with quicktime player, but considering Apple has deprecated this player, you might need to get a new external video player like VLC for macOSX to see the output.

You could also try to upload to a personal discord server (if you have one) to test if the files reproduce properly. But this is only yet another recommendation.

If nothing else works, try uploading the files here, as long as they are not too large we could see them here if they work or not and then proceed with an appropriate troubleshooting.

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